a painting is never finished

2016 August 25
by Lorna

The long dark shadows of late summer are heavier than the airiness of the going into summer. I went after the light in the trees, on open hay fields, on the mountains, and in the sky. I fall more in love with what oil paint can do searching for a particular light sensibility. Each of my paintings grows out of previous ones; I just learn how to say ‘the thing’ better in time, but, there is always so much more to say. I can’t solve all the problems in this painting though I sure tried. I could, essentially, stay ‘fixing things’ on this canvas another many years and would still feel unresolved. “Let it go!” I tell myself. Now it’s very problems have become mysteries to me which will become more interesting in the paintings yet to come. Maybe I am talking too much, because it’s still on the easel annoying me terribly.

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