Ruby Red Mountains

2012 November 8
by Lorna


Only once a year does the Holyoke Mountain Range turn that ruby red that I so love to draw. But now I have to accept the turning of the season that flips the mountains back into their burnished siennas and umber-oranges.  The winds and rains of Hurricane Sandy forced the leaves off the trees before I was ready to stop drawing. My drawing is now done for the season.  The rain poured down at a 90 degree angle, trees bent almost parallel to the ground, and birds flew backwards. To further the point, in a day or so the mountains will turn grey-beige, and then I will have to wait a whole year all over again for ‘that ruby red’ to show up again. (But that’s not to say that I won’t fall in love with the very first stubbly subtle yellow-green of Spring 2013, let alone the imminent snow that reflects the sky about to show up).

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